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Commercial Supply Co. is a proud manufacturer of custom burlap, cotton, canvas, mesh, and woven polypropylene orders for a wide variety of industrial purposes. Our custom industrial textiles can be used in construction, food storage, manufacturing, gardening and lawn care, janitorial services, and more.

We've worked in the textile industry since 1948. Commercial Supply Co. specializes in custom orders for your industrial needs, including paving covers, drop cloths, shop rags, sand bags, mesh bags, and bundling supplies.

Industrial Fabric Applications

Paving Covers

Commercial Bag and Supply paving covers are made from 10-ounce burlap fabric. Paving covers are used in curing concrete. The burlap cover is placed on fresh concrete to maintain hydration and temperature during the curing process. Our burlap paving covers are made from all-natural, durable fabric to withstand the toughest conditions.

Drop Cloths

Drop cloths are made from heavy-duty canvas materials. Professional painters use drop cloths to protect flooding and furniture while painting. The natural canvas fiber is strong enough to absorb any spills, and can be reused multiple times. All of our drop cloths are custom made to meet your specifications.

Shop Rags

Commercial Supply Co. is a proud supplier of shop rags for industrial use. Our shop rags are made from cotton. You can choose the textile which best suits your needs. Just a few of the rags we have experience manufacturing include surgical rags, paper rags, polo shop rags, terry cloth rags, and more.


Woven polypropylene sand bags are often used in the midwest for flood control. In addition to holding back water, sand bags can be used to hold down traffic barriers, signs, and tents. Commercial Supply Co. woven polypropylene sand bags have superior 1600 hour UV factor and meet government specifications.


Commercial Supply Co. polypropylene mesh bags are widely used as a food storage bags, seed storage bags, clothing, and more. Polypropylene mesh is a lightweight, durable alternative to heavier canvas or cotton fabrics. Our custom mesh bags can be made in a number of sizes and colors, and with our without a built-in draw tape for closure.