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Premium agricultural bags are custom-made by Commercial Supply Co. so your agricultural operation runs more smoothly than ever before. Choose from bulk textiles like cotton, canvas, burlap, woven polypropylene, or mesh – whatever suits your needs.

Our high-quality, durable fabric can be made into nursery covers, animal feed bags, landscape fabric, food storage bags, seed storage bags, and more. All agricultural bags can be made to custom specifications from any of our in-stock bulk textiles.



Biodegradable but durable burlap fabric makes for some of the best nursery covers. Burlap nursery covers can be used for plant and root ball coverings, as well as landscaping fabric.

Animal Feed Bag

Agricultural professionals around the country need reliable bags to store feed for their animals. Our resistant, high-quality, long-lasting burlap and woven polypropylene fabrics are ideal for feed bags, and can be customized with or without a hem top and tie strings for easy closure.


When you want to control weeds in your garden without the use of chemicals, landscaping fabric is your best solution. Landscape fabric is also an ideal solution for preventing erosion on hillsides. Choose from custom-cut burlap fabric.

Food Storage Bags

Whether it's food for your animals or food for the masses, food storage bags are a necessary item to running an efficient agricultural operation. Cotton, woven polypropylene, and burlap are perfect fabrics for your custom food storage bags.

Used Burlap Coffee Bags

For storage or decoration, our burlap coffee bags are durable and make for the perfect addition to any environment. Every bag that comes through our shop retains its original, unique markings from the growers. Please note that all bags have been cut.

Seed Storage Bags

Seed bags make it easier to transport, store, and protect your seeds. We suggest using cotton – with its breathable qualities, your seeds will have a longer shelf life. Our custom shop can sew your bags with or without drawstrings for easy and secure closure.

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