Commercial Supply Co. is a major distributor of woven polypropylene bags. Our woven polypropylene is often used in packaging, textiles, erosion control, levees, flood control, and construction industries. One of the most common uses for woven polypropylene is in the construction of sand bags. We're proud to have been a major provider of woven polypropylene sand bags during the Des Moines floods of 1993, 2008, and 2010. Please contact us for more information on applications for woven polypropylene.

Woven polypropylene bags are made from a thermoplastic polymer which is extremely rugged and unusually resistant to acids, bases, and chemical solvents. This recyclable, environmentally friendly material is uniquely pliable and easily forms to shape for your needed applications. Woven polypropylene bags are a versatile material which can be used for a number of applications in a wide range of industries.

We are also a distributor of Bulk Poly Bags (FIBC).  Click here to view sizes.

Woven Polypropylene Bag Sizing

Standard circular woven polypropylene bags (10 x 10 weave)

Size (inches) 800 Denier 850 Denier
14 x 21 X
15 x 24 X
15 x 27 X
17 x 27 X
18 x 30 X X
18 x 32 X X
18.5 x 32 X X
19 x 30 X X
19 x 30 UV X
19 x 32 X X
19 x 36 X X
20 x 31 X X
20 x 32 X X
20 x 36 X X
21 x 36 X
22 x 29 X
22 x 36 X X
23 x 36 X X
24 x 36 X
20 x 40 X X
21 x 40 X
22 x 40 X X
23 x 40 X X
24 x 40 X X
25 x 40 X X
26 x 40 X X
27 x 40 X
28 x 40 X X
29 x 40 X
30 x 40 X
30 x 45 X
38 x 70 X
40 x 54 X


The primary use of woven polypropylene is in flood control as sand bags. The material can also be used as:

  • Bird feed storage
  • Moisture barriers
  • Traffic control to hold traffic cones in place
  • Holding gravel and aggregates
  • Grain and feed storage
  • Small parts bags
  • Debris removal receptacles
  • Packing and shipping materials

Woven polypropylene can also be used to manufacture filters for air, gas, and liquids, like air conditioner or water filters.

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